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Unlike thick Southern silks or Chettinad cottons, a Chanderi saree cannot be worn without a blouse underneath.  All sarees began their life sans blouses.  In South India, you can still find villages where elder women drape the saree without a blouse.  Not so with the Chanderi.

Interestingly, the choli or blouse first makes its appearance in 1127 A.D., according to the “History of the Indian Dress,” by Charles Fabri.  It is a lovely brief book that ought to be read by any textile lover.  Link here.

Chanderiyaan is a digital website that connects the weavers of Chanderi to the world at large.

Article about Chanderi fabric in Medium here.

Chanderi sarees in a textile blog here

An nice overview of Chanderi sarees here

8 interesting things about the Chanderi saree here

A technical explanation from a textile historian here

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