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Patola: Part 5: Caring for your saree

Caring for your Patan Patola

How do you care for this delicate and expensive Patola saree?

Says textile expert, Belaa Sanghvi, “When natural dyes are used, no exposure to light & water and too much of air. Always wrap the saree in a roll in muslin. Never wash as the particles of dyes are only on the surface and not embedded in the fibre.”

Most saree lovers prefer to use these expensive Patolas without washing them. Since you wear it occasionally, all you do after each wear is to put it away.

If you must, dry clean it– but only occasionally.

Watch two experts below as they explain the difference between natural and chemical dyes.

Here, master weaver Rahul Salvi talks about how to differentiate between chemical dye and natural dye.
Textile expert Belaa Sanghvi talks about the fabulous Patan Patola

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