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Ajrakh: Part 7: Future forms

The future of ajrakh

I heard about Khalid Amin Khatri from my friend, Shilpa Sharma. She told me that he was attempting things with Ajrakh that were different and unusual.

When I texted him, he immediately invited me to lunch at his house. Khatri lives in Ajrakhpur with his mother and sister. He has a tidy home and the studio that is walking distance. After training at Somaiya Kala Vidyalaya, run by textile expert, Judy Frater, Khalid Khatri began to put together a collection–which incidentally, won him awards.

Today, he combines the traditional Ajrakh prints and techniques along with a free-form drawing of things that he’s drawn to from nature: clouds, mountains, the ocean and other flora and fauna. He sells his stoles and shawls at exhibitions. Will his free-form Ajrakh be the future?

An artist and artisan

Khalid Amin Khatri talks about his work

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